Now available! Julia and Gil Preset Pack I

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Wohoo! Finally the time has come! We are very happy and proud to present you our first Preset Pack today! It includes a total of 6 presets for your image processing in Lightroom. We are 100% convinced of this product! Therefore, we have edited every blog post on our homepage with these presets. All presets have been completely built from zero, refined in the last months and adjusted to 100% of our image processing needs. We are especially proud of the colors! The special looks are created in the gradation curve and in the color channels. These presets stand for a timeless, warm and harmonious look! Exactly how we love it! Find some examples below!


* 5 colorpresets

* 1 black / white preset


Price: 79,00 € (Including VAT)


Here you can go to the safe order page. After the payment you will get a downloadlink via mail!



  • Before-juliaandgil1
    Before juliaandgil1 After


  • Before-juliaandgil2
    Vorher juliaandgil2 Nachher


  • Before-juliaandgil3
    Vorher juliaandgil3 Nachher


  • Before-juliaandgil4
    Vorher juliaandgil4 Nachher


  • Before-juliaandgil5
    Vorher juliaandgil5 Nachher


  • Before-juliaandgil6
    Vorher juliaandgil6 Nachher